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Chased is an introductory adventure designed as a companion to the Fractured Quickstart and provides everything a GM and group require to get started.

No matter the level of experience either with Fractured or with RPGs in general, this adventure will get a group to a table  quickly as it includes pregenerated characters, maps, bad guys and the basis for an ongoing campaign. 

Chased can be downloaded for free from Itch.io


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Redden State Forest Fire Station

Delaware 8.png

Redden State Forest (Unmarked)

Redden State Forrest 6a.png

Redden State Forest (Marked)

Redden State Forrest 6b.png
Kings Crossroads Mall v4c.png

King's Crossroads Mall

Redden State Forest (First Encounter)

Chased - Forest (No Grid) Final.png

Best Nite Motel Firepit

Chased - Campfire (No Grid) Final.png

Campaign Map

Blank Campaign Map v2.png
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