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A POST APOCALYPTIC Roleplaying game

Fractured is a Table Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) that takes place a year after a virus has wiped out almost all of humanity. Polite society went with it and took all the old rules. 

Pushed back to the population and technology levels of the 1800s, players will have to decide what they are prepared to do to survive in this new world where there are no rules or laws, no authority or justice, no help, no compassion, and where tracking their ammo and food is a must because everything of any value is running out.

On the grittier end of the RPG spectrum, there are no vampires, no mutants, no sorcery and no fantastic creatures in Fractured. There are no zombies, no aliens, no lasers, and no magic healing potions. There is just the gnawing cold, constant hunger and, most terrifying of all, other humans to contend with.

Everything the players knew has changed and people are going to have to do ugly things to survive. The players' morality will be constantly tested with ethical choices that may impact long-term game-play. After all, starvation is a very real prospect and when that happens, people have to make some very interesting choices.

Download the Fractured Quickstart from these locations:

The game is just the start of the story. For the next step, you must... 

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