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It's hard to trust strangers these days.

It's even harder to trust a well fed man.

game features

  • Fractured is a sandbox RPG built on the RAPID Ruleset that combines quick to learn and robust game mechanics with collaborative storytelling to put a focus on building a narrative without sacrificing any of the crunch or the fun

  • The Backstory Generation process allows a player to assign points to attributes and skills throughout the various stages of their character's lives to get to the exact concept they are looking for.

  • Alternatively, players wishing to get right into the game can pick from one of 12 predefined Paradigms, give them a name, slap on an attitude and start rolling dice.

  • A detailed game world with background on the virus outbreak and life since, including:

    • Breakdowns on the major subsets of NPCs and groups the players are likely to meet, including Survivors, Nomads, Warlords and Zealots.

    • Breakdowns of various sample enclaves and groups the players might encounter, including such delights The Church of the Unclean in Baltimore and Judge Rudy in Texas. 

  • The RAPID Ruleset comes with many predefined systems designed to get a GM and group into a game as quickly as possible, including:

    • Encounter tables

    • Road-trip tables 

    • Loot tables

    • NPC Design and Motivation tables 

    • Group generation rules

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