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Better Games, By Design

XeroSum is a Table-top Role-Playing Game (RPG) designer & developer who is dedicated to the production of engaging and compelling games, built in fully-realized worlds.


XeroSum is currently busy working on Fractured, a post-apocalyptic MTTRPG that is based on the XeroSum Engine. We are currently creating high-quality, innovative and exclusive content that is curated with and for the passionate gaming community. More to come.

What is an MMTTRPG?

Combining the intimacy of a table-top Role-playing Game played among a group of friends with the limitless potential of an online gaming community, Massively-Multiplayer Table-Top Role-Playing Games will leverage a host of new features to deliver an enhanced gaming experience.


Explore our site for news & updates, helpful guides, reviews of recent releases and much more that will take your experience to a new level.

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