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Distemper is a Table Top Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) set a year after a deadly virus transmitted by Man's Best Friend has wiped out almost everyone on the planet.


Polite society has gone and all the old rules went with it. 

Pushed back to the population and technology levels of the 1800s, players will have to decide what they are prepared to do to survive in this new world where there are no rules or laws, no authority or justice, no help, no compassion, and where tracking their ammo and food is a must because everything of any value is running out.

Distemper is on the grittier end of the RPG spectrum and there are no zombies, vampires, mutants or aliens, no sorcery, no fantastic creatures, no dragons, no lasers, and no magic healing potions.


There is just the gnawing cold, constant hunger and - perhaps most terrifying of all - other humans to contend with.


From territorial militias to nascent warlords, from roving gangs of bandits to soulless cannibals who will snatch anyone they think they can overpower, this world has more than it's share of challenges for groups  of 2-6 players to overcome.

Everything they knew has changed and their characters may have to do ugly things to survive. The players' morality will be constantly tested with ethical choices that may impact long-term game-play.


After all, when starvation is a very real prospect, people have to make some very interesting choices.

Follow along with the game's development via Discord, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and the Distemper Quickstart will be available from the following locations in May 2022.

A POST APOCALYPTIC Roleplaying Experience

The game is just the start of the story - for the full experience, click below (Note: account required to login):

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